Town drunk, or is he?


Basic description:

  • Fair, disheveled hair. Pale skin, dark circles under his eyes. Medium build, 5’6". Scruffy, unkempt.

Known items held:

  • Amulet found in the chamber
  • 2 Daggers (one originally his, the other is Rhogar’s)
  • Leather armor

To the town, Jed is known as a layabout and the town drunk. He has a daughter about 16 years old named Kaia. Townspeople would describe him as lazy and he seems to do odd jobs around the village to make money to support his daughter. His wife left town many years ago, Leaving Kaia with him when she was just 5.

In session 1, the group encountered Jed who claimed his daughter was taken by a giant. The group agreed to assist him in locating his daughter. After defeating the “giant”, who was revealed to be a half-ogre, and traversing the hidden chambers below the half-ogre’s lair, the party was met by Jed at the mouth of the cave. Rhogar and Bug didn’t trust Jed’s demeanor and questioned how Jed even knew about the cave in the first place. Jed revealed himself to be against the party and attacked them. During battle, Jed managed to grab and take the amulet the party found in the chamber below and flee the fight.



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